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The Starr Report on the Death of Vincent W. Foster includes evidence of the cover-up by the Independent Counsel.

Did Kenneth Starr lead the criminal cover-up inside the Office of Independent Counsel?

Hillary Clinton "was in complete shock and disbelief at the thought of Foster committing suicide."

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Attorney John H. Clarke, grand jury witness Patrick Knowlton, and researcher Hugh Turley co-authored the final twenty pages of Ken Starr's Report on the Death of Vincent W. Foster, Jr.  

Patrick Knowlton

Hugh Turley

John H Clarke

Welcome to our website about the murder of Vince Foster, Deputy White House Counsel under President Clinton.  A federal court ordered Independent Counsel Ken Starr to include evidence, found in government records, of an FBI cover-up, to Starr’s own Report.  Hillary Clinton remains silent about this evidence, submitted to the court by Patrick Knowlton, John Clarke, and Hugh Turley.

Proof of the FBI and OIC cover-up was published in a 538 page book Failure of the Public Trust (2006 ed.) available to download here.

Corresponding exhibits of documents to footnotes in the book are available here.

The best book to read on Vince Foster available at Amazon.

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